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The AltAlpha Mission

The long-standing rules and patterns are changing rapidly - are you prepared?

AltAlpha – our effort to relentlessly strive for creative and effective alternative investment strategies and technologies that address the uncertainties and challenges of the coming decade – a new era of investing.

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The traditional mix of asset classes in the portfolio will no longer suffice in the new era. We need to prudently enhance the mix with alternatives. 

Big Picture Context: Artificial, Bloated and Overdue…


The primary challenges we face today stem from decades of increasingly loose monetary and fiscal policies. We are now witnessing the aftermath, with all kinds of imbalances, including "bloated" financial markets, excessive levels of debt,  rising inflation, and up-trending interest rates. The big picture shift requires considerable adjustments in how we invest.

On the Brink of a New Era - Are You Prepared? We are entering a period of drastic change in manifold dimensions: economic, geo-political, social, and technological. This leads to a high level of uncertainty and risk. It also leaves extraordinary space for opportunity.

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