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News and updates

Dear Clients and Partners,

In this update we wanted to share some highlights around the strategy and AltAlpha Digital in general, starting with:

  • Adjusted fees: We decided to lower our fees to 1.5% management and 15% performance fee. This comes as we are working on a second investment vehicle due to rising institutional interest (more to follow).

  • New fund manager: We will be investing in a new fund in February, with a US strategy manager who brings a lot of experience and a large team. This setup allows them to dive into topics such as NFT infrastructure or Gaming with the required expertise, while using derivatives as hedging tools. They run a long biased strategy focusing on small to medium sized cryptos, while still securing a high liquidity profile. A great expansion to our current investments.

  • Adjusted documents: We have updated our fact sheet and investor presentation including new content.

  • In the news: We have recently had a number of articles published on us, which you can read more about below.

Fortune: This CFO is betting on Bitcoin ‘Bividends’

Bilanz: Investor Marc Bernegger über Bitcoin: «Der Zyklus hat noch viel Luft nach oben»

Citywire: Zurich family office launches crypto fund of funds

Fortune: Wanted: crypto clarity

Cash: «Bitcoin bleibt als digitales Gold erhalten»

GenTwo: Enabling easy access to actively managed crypto hedge funds through AMCs

Have a great day and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Marc S. on behalf of Frank, Dirk, and Marc B.

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