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AltAlpha Integrity Gold

  • Bankable physical gold

  • Dedication to product integrity & transparency

  • Highly cost-efficient

Integrity Gold Fund In Brief

  • Investing entirely in physically allocated gold bars, through a bankable solution

  • We acquire the gold directly in the primary market from LBMA-certified Swiss refiners

  • Responsible gold – with circular economy benefits, based on exclusively acquiring recycled investment gold from Swiss and European sources

  • Complete transparency with state-of-the-art, blockchain technology by aXedras

  • Redeemable in-kind without the fabrication delays or costs found in other products

  • Co-investing opportunity with our founders, team, and friends (i.e. “our skin in the game”)

  • Cost-efficient, all-in fund fees starting at 0.32% p.a. (Share class A for early investors)


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Early Investor Benefit

Investors can acquire
Share Class A and lock in terms until early 2023.

Frank R. Suess

Frank R. Suess

Strategy Manager

Marc D. Seidel

Marc D. Seidel

Strategy Manager

Lead Strategy Managers

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