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AltAlpha Integrity Gold

  • Bankable physical gold

  • Dedication to product integrity & transparency

  • Highly cost efficient

Integrity Gold Fund In Brief

  • Investing entirely in physically allocated gold bars, through a bankable solution

  • We acquire the gold directly in the primary market from LBMA-certified Swiss refiners

  • Responsible gold – with circular economy benefits, based on exclusively acquiring recycled investment gold from Swiss and European sources

  • Complete transparency with state-of-the-art, blockchain technology by aXedras

  • Redeemable in-kind without the fabrication delays or costs found in other products

  • Co-investing opportunity with our founders, team, and friends (i.e. “our skin in the game”)

  • Cost-efficient, all-in fund fees starting at 0.32% p.a. (Share class A for early investors)

Frank R. Suess

Frank R. Suess

Strategy Manager

Marc D. Seidel

Marc D. Seidel

Strategy Manager

Lead Strategy Managers


The Data Room contains various marketing materials, such as fact sheets, presensations as well as legal documentation required for investing into the fund.

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