Digital Fund In Brief


  • Buy-and-hold, diversified fund-of-funds strategy for long-term wealth generation in the high-potential realm of digital assets

  • Risk-enhanced performance, i.e. mitigated downside risk and reduced volatility 

  • Access AND diversification, despite limitations like high minimums and exclusivity

  • Professional management with systematic and disciplined selection and investment process

  • Broad market exposure in different established and emerging blockchain based sectors, going beyond solely «cryptocurrencies»

  • Strong reduction of operational and technical risk (e.g. hacks, loss of passwords) having investments allocated to institutional grade partners across the globe

  • Co-investing opportunity with our founders, team, and friends (i.e. “our skin in the game”)


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AltAlpha Digital

  • Curated and diversified portfolio of crypto / digital asset strategies

  • Risk-enhanced, buy-and-hold participation in the blockchain opportunity

Marc D. Seidel

Marc D. Seidel

Strategy Manager

Marc P. Bernegger

Marc P. Bernegger

Strategic Advisor

Early Investor Benefit

Investors can acquire
Share Class A and lock in terms until early 2023.

Lead Strategy Manager and Strategy Advisor