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AltAlpha Digital

  • Curated and diversified portfolio of crypto / digital asset strategies

  • Risk-enhanced, buy-and-hold participation in the blockchain opportunity

Digital Fund In Brief


  • Buy-and-hold, diversified fund-of-funds strategy for long-term wealth generation in the high-potential realm of digital assets

  • Risk-enhanced performance, i.e. mitigated downside risk and reduced volatility 

  • Access AND diversification, despite limitations like high minimums and exclusivity

  • Professional management with systematic and disciplined selection and investment process

  • Broad market exposure in different established and emerging blockchain based sectors, going beyond solely «cryptocurrencies»

  • Strong reduction of operational and technical risk (e.g. hacks, loss of passwords) having investments allocated to institutional grade partners across the globe

  • Co-investing opportunity with our founders, team, and friends (i.e. “our skin in the game”)


The Data Room contains various marketing materials, such as fact sheets, presensations as well as legal documentation required for investing into the fund.

Marc D. Seidel

Marc D. Seidel

Strategy Manager

Marc P. Bernegger

Marc P. Bernegger

Strategic Advisor

Lead Strategy Manager and Strategy Advisor

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