All-Weather Fund In Brief


  • Buy-and-hold investment for long-term wealth preservation across varying market conditions

  • Diversified and curated portfolio of hedge funds, with low correlation to traditional capital markets

  • Risk-enhanced performance, i.e., conservative to moderate returns at low volatility

  • Professional management with systematic and disciplined selection and investment process

  • Risk mitigation, addressing the drawbacks and limitations of hedge funds actively and continuously

  • Minimized risk concentration due to adequate diversification and liquidity buffers

  • Access AND diversification, despite limitations like high minimums and exclusivity

  • Serve as a portfolio’s foundation, with consistent compounding – like bonds in the past...

  • Co-investing opportunity with our founders, team, and friends (i.e. “our skin in the game”)

Lead Strategy Managers


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AltAlpha All-Weather

  • Curated and diversified portfolio of hedge funds

  • Moderate returns, at low volatility

  • Consistent compounding

Frank R. Suess

Frank R. Suess

Strategy Manager

Dirk Steinhoff

Dirk Steinhoff

Strategy Manager