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Your Trusted Sentinel

Striving for creative and effective alternative investment strategies and technologies

The AltAlpha Strategies offering is a selection of alternative investment strategies provided by BFI Consulting Inc. for qualified and institutional investors interested in co-investing alongside BFI and its founders; and to access unique alternative strategies that address the challenges we all face as we enter a new era of investing.

BFI Consulting is a Swiss financial advisory firm, founded in 1993. BFI Consulting is a 100% subsidiary of BFI Capital Group, and a member of VQF, a Swiss self-regulatory organization registered with FINMA. It is in the process of registering as a portfolio manager with FINMA and submitted its application in July of 2022.

BFI Capital Group is a privately owned group with a variety of private equity holdings and ventures focused in the area of finance and technology, with approx. $2 billion in placed assets, and $1 billion of assets under management.


'Our clients and partners come from diverse backgrounds with diverse needs. Many of them are Americans looking for international solutions. All of them value the benefits of a committed, skilled, and globally connected partner in Switzerland. They cherish the tranquility of working with a sentinel that cares and understands.' - Frank R. Suess

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